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Yoga History & Philosophy with James Mallinson

James is always up to something interesting in the world of Yoga, whether its living with the traditional yogis in India, filming documentaries of the Khumba Mehla, or researching his soon-to-be-released, soon-to-be-a-classic modern reference book on The Roots of Yoga. In this series of discussions James will draw on his expertise as a Sanskrit and traditional Hatha […]

Talks with Wayne Liquorman

The teaching, as it happens through Wayne, is pure Advaita (non-duality), uniquely presented in a uncompromising, sometimes humorous way, without religious dogma or new age veneer. In his Talks, Wayne is without agenda, speaking only in response to seeker’s questions. He talks about Consciousness: the ground of all being, the source and the substance of everything. “This […]

Ashtanga Yoga Adjustment DVD

Ashtanga Yoga Adjustments DVD with Ryan Spielman is detailing every hands-on adjustment for every posture in the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. This DVD is an excellent tool for teachers of all styles of asana practice and dedicated students. Learn this unique approach to assisting yoga postures with over 2 hours of instruction in a comprehensive, practical […]

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