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Free Yoga Classes!

The upcoming teacher training graduates will be teaching their final classes of the course. They need volunteers to be their students. There are 4 classes that have spaces available. You can come to one or all if you like. The class will be Level 1 Ashtanga. If you want to join let me know you […]

Primary Series Adjustment Training May 2019

The art of adjusting yoga postures is a unique skill. During this training week you will learn adjustments for each posture in the Primary Series. This is a comprehensive training packed with information and practice. You will have the opportunity to learn, in great detail, the subtle mechanics of posture practice, how to work with injuries, advanced […]

2nd Series Adjustment Workshop

In this workshop for teachers and serious students I will cover all the relevant adjustments for the Intermediate series including advanced adjustments like Kapotasana, Eka Pada Sirsasana and Karandavasana. You do NOT need to be able to practice all of the Intermediate series to attend. You do not need to be able to grab your […]

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