Welcome! I am delighted and privileged to share my love of Yoga with you. I hope you will receive some benefit from this site, the Ashtanga practice and my teaching.

Free Yoga Classes!

The upcoming teacher training graduates will be teaching their final classes of the course. They need volunteers to be their students. There are 3 classes that have spaces available. You can come to one or all if you like. The class will be Level 1 Ashtanga. If you want to join let me know that […]

New Mysore Classes in Kensal Green

  I will be running new Mysore classes beginning 13 July. This is a small, focused self-practice class. I am happy to assist you to build a practice that works for you. No matter where you are in your life we can begin growing your practice together. My approach to ashtanga yoga is pragmatic, not […]

Non-duality Talks with Wayne Liquorman

The teaching, as it happens through Wayne, is pure Advaita (non-duality), uniquely presented in a uncompromising, sometimes humorous way, without religious dogma or new age veneer. In his Talks, Wayne is without agenda, speaking only in response to seeker’s questions. He talks about Consciousness: the ground of all being, the source and the substance of everything. “This […]

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