Welcome! I am delighted and privileged to share my love of Yoga with you. I hope you will receive some benefit from this site, the Ashtanga practice and my teaching.

Talks with Wayne Liquorman

The teaching, as it happens through Wayne, is pure Advaita (non-duality), uniquely presented in a uncompromising, sometimes humorous way, without religious dogma or new age veneer. In his Talks, Wayne is without agenda, speaking only in response to seeker’s questions. He talks about Consciousness: the ground of all being, the source and the substance of everything. “This […]

4 Week Meditation Course

Beginning 23 September, 2015 A meditation practice that will support your personal growth and well-being. In this 4 week course you will learn foundational techniques to help focus your attention and begin exploring the subtleties of your mind. With simple tools and guidance you can begin to cultivate genuine ease and freedom in everyday life. Each […]

India Retreat Feb 2016

I am excited to be teaching for the 4th year at Shreyas Retreat centre outside of Bangalore, India. Shreyas is an exceptionally beautiful place, lush and peaceful, luxurious and simple. You will be well taken care of. I offer two Yoga sessions each day, Mysore style and led classes as well as workshops, discussion, pranayama, meditation. You can treat […]

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